Touring Around Cusco- Part 2

After visiting Koricancha and the Santo Domingo convent, we visited an archeological site named, Kenko (also spelled Qenqo).

The Quechua translation of Kenko is, "labyrinth".

We wound our way through the stone slabs...

And came upon the entrance of a small cave-like room.

This was believed to have been a ritual table where sacrifices were made to the Inca goddess of the moon, Killa.

Afterwards we headed back to our tour van so we could move onto the next tourist stop.

Before we left Kenko, our tour guide took another family picture of us.

Tambomachay or Tampumach’ay is mostly one long path.
Tampu means, "collective lodging" and Mach’ay means, "resting place".

Although you cannot see it, the Tambomachay river runs along one side of the path (the side the children are walking on).

Notice the terraced ledges to the other side of the path. Incas were excellent terrace farmers.

This picture gives you an idea of the surrounding landscape. Tambomachay is still a place where animals graze. It makes sense because there is always water here.

Our tour guide told us this may have been a military station at one time.

Tambomachay is best known for its waterfalls and system of aqueducts. This was probably a place where Incas worshipped water as a life source.
Notice once again the trapezoid windows and doors of the ruins behind us. Everything was symbolic to the Incas. The 4 windows at the top represented the 4 regions of the Empire Cusco.

Our final stop for the day took place at a site called, Puca Pucara.

In Quechua, Puca Pucara translates to, "Red Fortress".

The stones at Puca Pucara are not as elaborate nor do they fit together as neatly as other Inca sites. It is speculated that this structure was put together hastily as a military base to secure the east entrance into Cusco.

By this time, Darcie was definitely wearing down from our long day. We had toured 7 attractions in 1 day! Everyone agreed it was worth it.

The valley around Puca Pucara was beautiful.

Taking a moment to relax.

Marissa's expression says it all. Sometimes the steps made us wary!

More of the walls.

It was very peaceful when we were there, making it all the more enjoyable.

 More views of the lovely valley.


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