Touring Around Cusco- Part 1

There was a lot to see and do around Cusco. First we visited Koricancha and the Santo Domingo convent.
Koricancha was an Inca temple dedicated to the worship of the sun god, Inti. Koricancha translates in Quechua to "courtyard of gold". So I guess a lot of gold was there at one time, but then the Spaniards came and seized all of the gold before building a convent over the original structure.

Notice how much the Incas loved the trapezoidal shape. Their doorways and windows were usually trapezoids. Also notice the perfect fit of each granite stone. The Incas did not use mortar but carved each stone intricately so that they fit neatly together and their work has held up all this time despite centuries of earthquakes.

The convent and Koricancha make an interesting blend of 2 different architectures.

Did you know that when the Incas looked up at the milky way constellations they saw a flowing river with animals drinking from the river?  I don't have a photo of the wall hanging we saw depicting the Andean milky way, but it was hanging in Koricancha. (We were not allowed to photograph it.)

One of the views from outside Koricancha.

Next we visited one of my favorite sites, Sacsayhuaman.

Pronounced almost like, "sexy woman", these ruins are only a shell of the great fortress they once were.

This was believed to be a military base, a place of strategy and battle, but also a place of ceremony.

In Quechua, Sacsayhuaman means "marbled falcon" or maybe "satisfied falcon". Either way the falcon guarded the empire's capital (Cusco).

Which makes sense since Sacsayhuaman sits above Cusco.
Another trapezoid.

The view across to another terrace on the other side.

This was taken on top of the terrace we climbed.
This was the largest boulder and weighs close to 70 tons.

Same boulder, different view. Again notice how the boulders fit together perfectly.

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