The Gift of Flexible Time

Marissa created this adorable picture to portray the blessing of FLEXIBLE TIME that homeschooling gives our family to pursue our individual hobbies and interests.

When my children were in public school, they still played team soccer in the summers and they still participated in other activities after school such as piano and dance lessons.

However, homeschooling takes up only one-third of the daily time public school takes up for my children to study and learn the core academic subjects (English/language arts, math, science, social studies/geography), freeing us with a lot more time to read for pleasure or create an imaginative work of art.

I never liked those reading calendars that teachers sent home to force parents to force their children to read more. Just free up their time and they will naturally want to read more. Not only that, but their love for reading will grow when they are free to choose the subject matter they read.  Homeschooling allows that. Public school, not so much. And we can visit the library anytime of the day and as often as we like.

Think of all the time we save because homeschooling is not like public school. No bus lines, no class lines, no lunch lines, no recess lines... There is a lot of lining up in school!

And when we go on a fieldtrip, which we can do whenever we want, we are not in a time-crunch. If we visit a museum, we have the whole day to explore that museum, at our leisure.

The best part is that homeschooling lets my children combine their personal interests with their learning, which fosters a love for learning. Public schools can't do that because they can't cater to the individual child. I know for a fact that when Marcus chooses the subject he researches, he learns the same writing and researching skills, but he enjoys the whole process and he actually retains what he learned a lot longer.

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