Roll Back Can

Another fun Steve Spangler science experiment- the magic roll back can. Marcus had to improvise a bit because I gave away (not threw away) the only screwdriver we owned here in Peru and I also gave away our only hammer (We are preparing to move back to the states so I've been giving away things we don't need to bring back in our shipment and I guess I gave away some things a little too soon!).

Marcus used a wide nut can for this experiment, a 9-volt battery, duct tape, 2 paper clips and a thick rubber band. He used a nail and his make-shift hammer to make the hole in the can. It's best to make the hole in both the lid and the bottom of the can at the same time by placing the lid over the bottom of the can and then hammering the nail into the middle of the can. That way the two holes line up to thread the rubber band through.

Marcus' make-shift hammer-
Marcus demonstrates his roll back can-

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