Soda Crusher Experiment

This experiment is from the Steve Spangler website, and Marcus demonstrates it here:

Want to see that again? This experiment requires adult supervision since it uses a stove burner. Wearing gloves is also a good safety measure. Start with an empty soda can, rinsed out. Add one full tablespoon of water, enough to cover the bottom of the can. Fill a bowl with cold water and place next to the stove burner. Have a pair of tongs ready. Heat the soda can under adult supervision. When you can hear the water boiling in the can, and can see puffs of steam, give it a minute more, and then carefully grab the soda can with the tongs and flip it over into the water, so that the opening of the can hits the water first. Do this in one smooth step. As you can see, Marcus had several successes. The second can didn't implode as well because it didn't make it straight to the water.

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