Greek Mythology Unit- Week 1

We are making up our own Greek Mythology unit, which we started this week. Marcus has been learning a little about ancient Greece from this book-
Encyclopedia of World History which inspired the following crafts-

Greek comedy and tragedy masks

A Greek paper vase featuring a Cyclops.

As for Greek mythology, we are using this National Geographic book-

Treasury of Greek Mythologywhich has beautiful, elaborate illustrations.

So far we have read about Gaia (Mother Earth), Uranus (Father Heaven), Cronus (Titan King), Zeus (King of the Gods), Hestia (Goddess of Fire and Hearth).

This was a good time to have a discussion about our basic beliefs verses the beliefs of the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks believed in multiple gods who were imperfect and prone to human weaknesses. We, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, believe in one perfect Godhead made up of God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. We worship God the Father, whom we call, Heavenly Father, and we pray to Him in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that this beautiful world we live in, called earth, was created by Jesus Christ, under the direction of Heavenly Father. To learn more about our beliefs, please click here

And that is week one of our Greek mythology unit.

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