Craft Night

Craft days/nights are so much fun and I love to host them in my kitchen. My amazing friend, Steph, donates wood that her husband shapes for us, and we transform it into a decoration for our homes. It's very satisfying to create something with your own hands, and to do it in the company of good friends.

In the past we made this laundry sign-
Which is now hanging up in my laundry room. My friend, Heather, loves her laundry sign because she can keep it up year round.

Last night we made this set of pumpkins-
We also took this owl, which I bought from Walmart, in the craft department-
and turned it into a masterpiece! I wish I had thought to pull out my camera in the middle of all the fun and take pictures of all the owls. There were 5 altogether and they were each unique, just like the women who designed them. But, I only have a picture of mine to share with you-
A warm thank you to all my friends who crafted with me last night. That was a lot of fun!


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