Easy Science Experiments

We love science experiments. These 3 experiments come from the Steve Spangler website. You can find instructions for them HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Elephant Toothpaste:

Your child will need-
20-volume Hydrogen Peroxide (You can buy this at a beauty supply store.)
Dawn liquid dish soap
Food coloring
A packet of dry yeast mixed into warm water
An empty soda bottle with the label removed
A disposable tray (to contain the experiment)
A funnel

CO2 Fire Extinguisher:

Your child will need-
5 or 6 tea light candles
Matches or a lighter (Please supervise your child.)
Baking Soda
White Vinegar
A see-through container that pours, such as a measuring cup with a spout

Density Experiment:

Your child will need-
Vegetable Oil
Baby Oil
An ice cube
A drinking glass or small glass bowl

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