A WonderFUL Book

I just have to write about an amazing novel. Please consider reading this book with your children. I would recommend it for ages 8-12 especially. Marcus and I read this book together when he was 11, and later we read, The Julian Chapter, which is a follow-up eBook.

The book is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Don't you love how the cover was illustrated? This is her debut novel and it's beautifully written. She is a talented writer. Marcus thought I was silly for crying at the end, but that is how much this story touched my heart.

Wonder is the fictional, but realistic story of a 10-year old boy named, August (Auggie), who was born with a facial deformity. We follow Auggie through his first experience in school, which is his fifth grade year (up until then he had been homeschooled). He experiences all the normal ups and downs of childhood, but because of his unusual appearance, his classmates must decide how to treat him, and we find out who accepts him and gives him a chance, who is indifferent to him and who flat out rejects him. We see how Auggie handles his classmates reactions to him, how he views himself, and we meet his family.

What I love about Wonder is that we not only read the story from Auggie's perspective, but also from other characters' perspectives, one at a time, as the story continues. We hear from his sister, from his sister's boyfriend, and from a couple of Auggie's classmates. In The Julian Chapter, we finally hear from Auggie's bully.

We read Wonder as an eBook, but I later bought a hard cover special edition of Wonder that included The Julian Chapter at the end. The Julian Chapter was well-written and an excellent follow-up which gave us insight to Julian that helped us judge him differently. And yes, I shed a few tears at the end as well.

Marcus and I would love to hear from others who have read Wonder. What was your favorite part of the story? Who was your favorite character and why? How would you have treated Auggie if he had been your classmate?

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