Zach's Homecoming

Darcie, Laura, and my creative friend, Steph, made this awesome banner for Zach.

Steph designed this amazing poster for our door. Thanks, Steph! What would I do without you?

Zach with the superb Metcalf family. It was so great to see you again. Thanks for driving all the way here.

Zach with the awesome Ricord family.

Zach with his Great-Grandma, Joyce. We love you, Grandma!

Zach with his Aunt Josefina and her mom. :)

Zach with top-chef Dean, beautiful Carly and talented Dakota. We missed you, Kinlyn.

Zach with the lovely Brittney and her fabulous family. It was so nice to meet all you beautiful gals and your adorable little brother.

Zach with the incredible Madsen family.
Zach with the totally stupendous Madsen family.

Zach with the simply-wonderful Ricord family.

Zach and Katie. Katie, you rock!

Zach with his cute little cousins.

Zach with his terrific Aunt Amara.
Zach and his Grandma Madsen.

Zach and his Uncle Danny.
The rest of you slipped away before I could take a picture of you with Zach. Thank you to all our friends and family who came out to support us in welcoming Zach home from his mission. We love you all.

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