August 4, 2014

Please pray for Elder Madsen. He has been suffering with tonsillitis for weeks now.

Hey Mom! Or should I say Sveiki!

I'm doing good. Nothing much to complain about. This last week was crazy. I feel like we didn't get any missionary work done at all, but yet we were totally busy the whole time. Kind of a funny story. We go to transfers to help out, make sure everyone ends up where they need to go. So we're there, and before you get transferred, you drop off the keys and the phone in a bag outside the chapel, so that way no one accidentally leaves an area with the old phone/keys, because it's a pain to have to go get them. So, we go and there's a bag there for the Raymond Elders, and I say " That's weird, neither of them are getting transferred." But don't think much of it. Well, we're in the meeting and they announce that serving in Raymond is Elder Spencer with his new companion from the North, Elder Burrows. And Elder Burrows stands up and looks around for Elder Spencer, except that Spencer isn't there haha, because his companion didn't get his transfer notice. So we had to run Elder Burrows to Raymond, then pick up Elder DeLange and drive him to his new area, which luckily for us, is in the same zone still. It was a really long day. Then we had a mission leadership meeting on Friday, so we were in Calgary all day. That wasn't too bad. I'm pretty happy I only have 1 more though.

This month we're doing Walk and Talk August. We're not suppose to drive at all, and our goal as a mission is to talk to 1 million people by the end of August. It's pretty cool. I'm really excited though I have no idea how to do it in our area without driving. It's the problem with working with so many small towns, each of which is a half hour drive away, and then there is the reserve. That's a whole different story in and of itself.  But it'll be fun, and we've had some cool experiences just really trying to talk to everyone and share a thought with them, invite them to do something, and then ask for referrals.
Not much else happened this week. We were just so busy taking care of little errands to get ready for the meeting Friday, and then telling everybody about Walk and Talk August and we all fasted for it yesterday. And now we're reading the Book of Mormon as a mission. We have 3 months to read it all, which puts me out, so I decided to try and read it all before I go home. Shouldn't be too too hard. It's just slower studying it. I feel like I don't read as fast anymore. 

This week is going to be good though. The next several weeks will be awesome. Lots of people seemed really happy that I'm staying, and I'm psyched to stay. It's going to be a great transfer!

Love you Mom!

Elder Madsen

Elder Call, Cheyanne, and Elder Madsen

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