August 18, 2014

Hey Mom!  I think Galician is Eastern Europe. Could be wrong though.
This week has been really good. We've been walking a ton still and talking to lots of people. Our zone did awesome again this week. We talked to 3529 people this week. We have several companionships that are on fire. We're going to call President and talk about the possibility of getting our zone up to Calgary for a day. I think that'd be way cool, and I think with the attitude our zone has that they'd do really well up there for a day. So hopefully we can get that to happen. 

We've found a man named Mike, and we talked to him on the street, our appointment then fell through, but we ran into him on the street, and he told us that he'd read the book of Mormon, prayed about it, and knew that it was true and accepted to be baptized for the first weekend in September. So we're really excited for that!

That lunch you saw was fun. The Laings are a good family. I didn't realize she was taking a video or else I would have said something. And I was just pretty quiet. Oh well. Sorry :P
Things are really good here. We're loving it, and we're busy although everyone keeps telling me I must be ready to go home. That's like a major pet peeve now. "How long you been out?" "23 months" "Oh! You must be ready to go home!" And I want to be like NOOO I'm not ready to go home. How can anyone ever be ready to go home from this? 

But everyone says it. I just assume that they mean well. And then forget about it. The YSA guys are funny (I say that sarcastically), always pointing out my old age. It's actually kind of funny. Just don't tell them I said that. I'm pretending to be super annoyed every time it's mentioned. Things are good though. We get to go through the temple this week. It'll be my last zone conference of my mission, and probably my last time through the temple as a missionary. I'm pretty excited, though it's sad at the same time. But, it is what it is. I'll just make the most of what I have left. And enjoy it.

Being a missionary rocks!

Love you!
Elder Madsen
Elder Madsen and Emma

Elder Madsen and McKay (soon to be Elder McKay, if that's his last name)

Elder Madsen and Brian "the Bible friend"

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