August 11, 2014

Elder Madsen will be home in one month!
Hey Mom! And Midget?!
This week was exhausting. I'm so tired. And I've been to bed early every night, but we've been up and going strong at 7:00 am every morning, and we haven't stopped until 9pm, and sometimes later. There were 4 days of pancake breakfasts this week and we were at every one and talking to everyone. Honestly, it was amazing. Being just going going going so much just opened doors and we saw so many people.. we taught a record number of lessons to our less actives, and really saw miracles there, and just.. amazing things happened. Elder Call and I talked to almost 700 people over the last 5 days. And that's not just talking, that's sharing a scripture and inviting them to do something. For Cardston, that's pretty amazing. As a zone, we hit almost 3000 people. And 2/3 of that was the Cardston district. Like, we really did a good job.. and I"m not saying that to brag... we're apparently leading the mission, which is astounding because no body thought that we as a zone would be able to contribute much to our goal, but we've shown them! And we plan on keeping it that way!
I'm so tired though. So tired.. but that'll pass. Hopefully... haha. If not, we'll just keep going anyways.
The week was really good though. Not much else to report on, except we're all loving it and having a good time. More problems with people in the zone.. but nothing too major yet. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse than it has been, and we should all be alright.
I don't know what else to say really. Things are great!!!

Elder Madsen


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