Aug. 18, 2014 Bonus!

Elder Madsen wrote us a bonus email this week and sent extra pics:

Love you all! I've gotta run, but it's been awesome. We're so close! Keep praying for me. We all gotta finish this strong. And pray that it doesn't rain this week! I think we're gonna fast about. We need that sunshine.  I love you all! have an amzing week! Here's something I wrote to the mission President this week.. Mom, you can throw this in my weekly email toyou :P

I'm really excited for this week. I'm sure that zone conference will be an awesome experience. And I'm really excited to go through the temple again. I love the temple, it's such a great place. Sometimes, it's hard serving here, knowing the temple is right there and we can't just go whenever we want to. But I suppose that that has helped me to have a much deeper appreciation for how close I'll have temples when I'm in Utah. I want to go as often as I can. Which I guess is really only as often as I want to. I think it's interesting just how much our desires correlate into what we see happen in our lives. I've noticed that especially with Walk and Talk August. Seeing this zone, and specifically the Cardston District, as that is the district I'm happy to be serving in, and seeing these other missionaries be excited day after day to get out and talk to people, and to see them fulfill their purpose as a missionary, to see them stop people on the street, and not waste time in idle talk but to get straight to the heart of why we are there as missionaries is spectacular. To watch them share messages from a scripture of the day, and to hear them do different invites to every single person they meet, to change it up, there is no doubt in my mind that they are being guided in what they say to these individuals, that they're not rote presentations, but perhaps much closer to what the Savior himself might be inviting each person to do if he were there talking to them individually. Miracles are occurring all around us. Members are excited, they're talking about what we're doing, the non-members know about it, and even they will stop and hear our message, and at least be invited. We've had members run up to us and ask for our scripture of the day, and they remember what yesterday's was, or the day before that. It's incredible to see the change that is coming over everyone.

I think the greatest miracle is in the missionaries themselves though. Just to see them so excited, to see them so dedicated to their purpose, but also fulfilling it to their best, and to see them, tired, exhausted at the end of the day, walking home, and they still stop another person and do it all again. It's incredible. It really is. And I think it shows in what our zone is producing. I'm not big into numbers, but still, to see what Cardston zone is doing is amazing. I never once dreamed when I heard about Walk and Talk August, that Cardston could contribute the way it has. I agreed with other comments made that we would do what we could, but it might not be a big part, but to see the way these missionaries took the challenge to heart, and they haven't looked back. I love it. It's amazing.

The Church is true you guys. I hope you all know that. And I know you do. I love it. So much, and I'm so happy that I have you guys. I couldn't do it without you.

Love you!
Elder Zachary David Madsen


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