Sunday Thoughts

At church today, during Relief Society (the women's class), I came across this quote by President Joseph Fielding Smith:
"We must shelter [children] from the sins and evils of the world as much as we can so they will not be led away from paths of truth and righteousness."
This really stood out to me because we homeschool, and I have always felt that homeschooling is a huge way I protect my children from the evil influences of the world.

Another quote by President Joseph Fielding Smith reminded me of why Zachary is on a mission right now:
"Our young people are among the most blessed and favored of our Father's children. They are the nobility of heaven, a choice and chosen generation who have a divine destiny. Their spirits have been reserved to come forth in this day when the gospel is on earth, and when the Lord needs valiant servants to carry on his great latter-day work."

Then I came home from church and found a sweet email, sent just today, from a sister in Cardston, where Elder Madsen is currently serving. I thought I'd share what she told me-
Your son spoke in the Cardston First Ward of which I am a member of. It was such a wonderful, humble talk.
He spoke of his mechanics course he took while in school and likened it to spiritual things. I was very impressed.
He also told us of his surgery for his foot and how scared he was that he might have to return home from his mission.
If I remember correctly, he does not have too much time left out here. He did say he had been in Cardston for five months.
He looks well and I appreciated his testimony today. You have one fine young man to be proud of in a good way.
Maurine Laing (I wrote awhile back when he was in our home on split offs.)

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