Pics of our Lima apartment

We moved here in Lima, from the house we were renting, into a very nice apartment. Here are the pictures I've been promising:

Our front door, which is also the elevator door. 

Living room 
Dining room 

Upper patio. The room behind is the master bedroom. 
Lower patio. We are leaving the furniture covers on because it's winter here and damp outside.

The kitchen, which also has a back door (unseen in the picture) leading to a stairwell.
This is an outside space between the kitchen and the laundry room/maid's quarters.
(We're still waiting for the movers to pick up the boxes and packing paper.) 
Looking up in the outside space.
It's kind of weird to have an open space in the middle of the apartment.
It means if it rains, the tile floor gets wet.
It also means that smells from the upstairs apartments waft down to us.
Family room. Down the hall is Marissa's room on the left, outside space on the right and a small office/den at the end.
Past the family room is the master bedroom on the left, Marcus' bedroom on the right,
and an outside door leading to the side patio, which is letting in natural light. 
Marcus' bedroom. He has his own bathroom and walk-in closet. 
Looking into the master bedroom.
Master bathroom
Master bedroom walk-in closet 

The third bedroom which will be Marissa's. She has her own bathroom and walk-in closet.

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