July 7, 2014

Hey Mom!
I'm doing great! My allergies haven't been as bad lately, and I've been on a different allergy medicine which I think has really been helping. And the air has been clearing up, so there's not as much stuff flying around in the air. Besides all that though, I was sick for like 3 days this last week. I know strep has been going around down here, but I don't think that's what I had, at least I hope not. I never went to a doctor. But I'm feeling better now, so that's all that counts, right? It made for a slower week though, even though we got out and did quite a bit of work still. It was one of those weeks where everything just falls apart, every single lesson we had set up for the week and tried to get set up for the week just fell through. But I'm not worried about that, those weeks happen, and it just means people were busy with the holidays. 
Canada Day! was pretty sweet. We had stuff to go to all day that kept us very busy and very well fed. It was a blast though. We got to meet and talk to tons of people who were visiting for the festivities. There was a big party in Cardston, and we got to help out at some of the activities and that was a great way to go around and just talk to people. I would entertain kids in the line-ups with my yoyo haha. It was great fun. We also participated in a native dance, a friendship circle thing. That was fun. Kind of different, but fun nonetheless. I think it will go quite a ways in building relationships with the natives out here. Hopefully. 
Didn't do much for the 4th of July. We had a meeting in Calgary that day, so we were pretty much either sitting down or driving for the whole day. But we blasted "Proud to be An American", or I did, I'm not sure Elder Call felt quite the same spirit about it that I did. But oh well. It was a lot of fun regardless.

Ipads have finally been confirmed for all of North America. They'll come sometime this fall. So, I won't get one as a missionary haha. It'll be exciting to see that happen though, it's going to make such a difference in missionary work, and simplify a ton of things about it. 
Not much else to really report on up here. Things are going good :)

Love you!
Elder Madsen 

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