July 29, 2014

Hey Mom! 
Well I'm staying. I can't say how excited or happy that makes me. The only super sad thing about it is that Elder Clarke is leaving. I'm going to miss that kid. He's awesome. We've a lot in common and it has been a lot of fun going on exchanges with him. We've had some really good times together. But, it's the way of the mission, eh? 
I'm happy I get to stay here though. I think it would be sad to have to go to a new area and only have 6 weeks there. But I get to finish here with the people I love and we've had a really good week. We found a man named Rodney, and he walked up to us while we were tracting, and he told us that when we were done he really wanted us to come visit him at his house, and we did, and he's been taught before, and wanted to be baptized, but got called away for work, and it never happened. He said he's ready now to finish the process though. We've only taught him once, but we're pretty excited. I feel like things could really take off out on the reserve. It's just hard because of the drugs and the addictions to everything. And I mean everything. They drink mouthwash, and hairspray, and sniff everything. It's really frustrating. Anything and everything is a drug to them, and they're just slaves to it. And many want to stop, or change, but they seem to lack the willpower to actually do it, and they won't go to treatment unless the police force them to or they end up in prison, which actually happens more often than you think it would. 
We taught Frankie last night, and he was telling us about the 3 deaths he's had in his family this week. 1 person has disappeared, and the other was murdered. And I can't remember what happened to the last one. But it was a depressing lesson. 
It's just a crazy way of life out on the reserve, and it's hard to try and teach around all the cultural problems that have developed for the last several generations, but in many ways they're very prepared. It's interesting. 
A package? haha. I don't know. If you do send stuff, please just make it stuff that I won't need to pack and bring back home :P I don't know how I'm going to fit it all in now. Though, I guess I won't be bringing back most of my clothes... not worth it. But I do like beef jerky. :D

Anyways. that's all that going on here. Not much else is happening. Here's to another great transfer!!!

Love you!!

Elder Madsen

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