July 21, 2014

Dear Mom,

Sister Lang brought us cookies last night too haha. We actually don't serve in her ward, but the Elders were asked to speak, but then they couldn't go because they wanted to go to the confirmation of their convert, so they asked if we'd be willing to speak for them. The counselor who conducted the meeting said that all the bishopric wives should be grateful, because if we hadn't covered for the Elders, then they'd be the ones speaking. That brought a good laugh, but then I told Elder Call to say that chocolate chip cookies are a great way to express appreciation and gratitude, and that also got a good laugh. I think the talks went really well. I think that was the 4th talk I've given here in this area. I enjoy it though.
This week has been good. I have tonsillitis. haha. I finally broke down and went to the doctor. A few weeks of feeling pretty miserable is all it took. But I'm on some antibiotics, and I'm slowly beginning to feel better. It doesn't hurt as much to swallow anymore. And talking isn't quite as painful. So, I'd call that improvement. I don't know that I've been resting as much as I was advised too, but I just don't have the time. We found a lady named Chantelle out on the reserve, and one of the first things she told us was that she wanted to be a Mormon. She's had a rough go of it, and our concerns with her her are basically the same as they were with all of the other first nations people that we teach, the drugs and the addictions. But, she's pretty cool. We also had a ton of success teaching less actives this week. I'm not even sure how it happened, but we sat down last night to total up our numbers for the week and we were both amazed. I loved it. It was great.
I've noticed that I'm getting fed up with the meetings. We go to so many meetings that it's ridiculous. And not just missionary meetings. Just meetings for all the wards, and then we meet up with the other missionaries in our stake to correlate and make sure we're all on the same page. Just so much time spent sitting around.
This week has been great though. Nothing to complain about. We're going to Waterton again today, so that should be a lot of fun. I'll be sure and get some more pics. I think we're going to trade cameras. Should be interesting.
Anywho. Love you! 

Elder Madsen

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