July 14, 2014

Hey Mom !

Well, this week has been interesting. We met with Jonathan, and he was wasted.. so we told him if he really wanted to meet wiht us he had to change, and he said he would and told us to come back the next day, and he'd be sober. So, we came by, and he was sober, but his brother was drunk beyond belief, and he told us to come back after a couple of hours so his brother wouldn't be there, and we did, and then he was high again! So I told him that we didn't want to waste his time or him waste our time if he wasn't going to listen, and then he got really angry, and threw us off his property screaming obscenities at us the whole time. It was pretty bad. So we didn't see him again until a few days ago, when he showed up at the Lighthouse (a bakery where we were eating lunch), and he was buzzed (his word) but he told us he was really mad at me, and that I had insulted him, but that he really did want to change, and that he felt bad he threw us out of his house, and the whole time he wanted to run after us and tell us to come back. So I thought we made up, but my companion went back later that night on exchanges and he was raging mad again, and when he mentioned me, he started throwing stuff around the house and shattering things.  It really freaked Elder Call out. Like, he was really really freaked out. I'm not sure yet how I feel about the whole thing.
So that was interesting this week. Did a lot of exchanges this week. They were good. It was nice to get out with Elder Gordon again, I haven't been on an exchange with him in a long time. It's awesome to be serving around him again. He's a great guy. You'd really like him. 
Things are going well though. We did splits last night, and I stayed in town and my companion and every other missionary went to church to Waterton last night for the church there (it's at 8 at night) and they got back super late, so I spent an extra hour just hanging out with President Patterson (the YSA branch president). That was fun. We talked a lot about school and choosing a career and what to do when I get home. They're a really great family. They're about to send their last son to New York on his mission. He lives in like 3 weeks. Crazy, eh?

Anywho. Life is great :)
Love you!
Elder Madsen

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