June 9, 2014

Hey Mom!

I'm on a little earlier today, but that's because we're headed out to Waterton today and we want to have as much time as possible out there. That should be a ton of fun though. I'm really excited. We were able to find members to drive the entire zone out there for the day, so we're having everyone kind of hurry through their normal schedule a little bit. Cool, eh? We haven't decided on a hike yet, so the possibilities are endless! Just kidding. We're actually limited to about 4 hours. Possibilities aren't quite limitless. I guess I'll just have to come back for the rest or something.
This last week has been good. We were able to meet with Jonathan a few times, but the meetings were weird. I can't figure him out. I feel like he's sincerely interested and he expresses that interest, but there seems to be something that is holding him back from really committing himself to it. We're really going to focus on praying for our investigators this week and seeking to have the spirit with us when we teach. That's the focus for the whole mission for this month, is teaching people, not lessons. I think it's a really good training topic and I'm excited to see the effects it has on this zone. We were also able to meet with Richard and Mabel, and that left me wondering about them. They both told us that they believed that the Church was true and that they knew that, but they just feel too old to change. So we told them that you can change at any time and that they won't be doing it alone, and they said they'd pray about it. So we're really praying for them that they will honestly have the intention to act on the answer that they receive. I hope so. The branch could really use their support. 
So a good week. Had some really cool appointments that we were able to take some youth with us to the lessons and that was a lot of fun. We had a kid we call, Mad Dog, and he's got red hair, and we took him with us to see Frankie (our crazy native) and Frankie saw Mad Dog and was like " I love Gingers!!!"  It was pretty funny. Mad Dog really enjoyed it too I think, he keeps asking us when we can head back over to see Frankie. So we've had some really good experiences.
One thing I've really enjoyed has been Sunday Evenings. We meet up with the branch president from our YSA branch, and then another YSA member, usually our Branch Mission Leader, but others too, and then we put together a list of people we want to go visit and we split up and go meet and talk to as many people as we can for 2-3 hours. Though, a couple Sunday's ago we did it for about 5 hours. It was awesome. It really gets us out meeting the members who don't come to stuff reguarly or at all, and we learn where they live and that gives us a ton more direction throughout the rest of the week. Though last night we were at a house that has like 5 YSA kids living there, and then the parents of a few of them. But, we're talking to the mom, and her daughter, Hailey, suddenly walked out into the room in nothing but a towel, saw us, then ran through the room and down the stairs. That was awkward. So, I haven't officially met her yet. She never did come back upstairs. 
The Branch President is really cool though, President Paterson. I was able to go with him last night, and between visits he would talk to me about how the branch was doing, and then before we went back to join with everyone else again, he told me that he wanted me to come back after my mission and spend some time with the branch hanging out with the kids there, and he said he'd let me live at his house for free if I wanted too. It was pretty cool. I really hope I stay here at least one more transfer. I really want to. Like really really really want to. I told President Nicholas that. And he laughed and said that we'll see what the Lord wants. So. I guess we'll see. 
I love you!
Love, Elder Madsen

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