June 23, 2014

Hey Mom!
I'm doing great! This week has been pretty crazy. Our zone was combined with the Fort Macleod zone, so we gained another 4 sets of missionaries, so our zone is now 24 missionaries, and 3 districts. That's really going to fill up our mornings trying to get to all the meetings.  But I'm excited to try and make it work. It'll be a fun challenge. Honestly, it's a little on the overwhelming side, but we're just taking things one thing at a time, so it hasn't been too bad. We have some really good people in the zone, which really makes everything nicer and smoother. 
Besides those changes, things were pretty slow this week. We had a fun service project the other day. We were helping to cut down trees and load them up to take them to the dump, and I got handed a chainsaw and they sent me to town to cut up the trees so they could be loaded easier. Then Blake asked me to cut off some pieces for his and his fiance's wedding next month, and that was fun too. Jenny seemed happy with them. I told them it was probably the best wedding gift they were going to get from me. 
So that was a lot of fun. I really want a chainsaw now. 
We met with Jonathan last night, or I did, as we were on exchanges. We're pretty sure he was on drugs, and not the good kind. So we're going to change how we teach him and probably just jump straight to the word of wisdom and get him to a point where he can actually listen to the Spirit. We're meeting with him again on Thursday. So keep him in your prayers. Please? We're going to really need the spirit to reach him I think. Our other investigators have kind of just dropped off the face of the planet. They're good at that. But we'll catch them this week. I can feel it.
Things are going well. I'm excited for this next transfer, I think a lot of good can happen, and we're really praying and trying to live so that miracles can happen. It'll be great! 
I'm glad you guys had a good time in Utah. That's awesome. Time has flown by lately, eh? But that's good. Means you're enjoying it. :)
Love you Mom!

Elder Madsen

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