June 17, 2014

Hey mom!
I'm staying! I'm staying!  That makes me so happy. I didn't want to leave this area yet. 
So yeah. I don't know what else to say now. I've been freaking about transfers. You know me and surprises... BUT I'M STAYING! So yeah. We had a really good week. So much has been happening. The Lord is really blessing us here. We've had 2 new investigators that pretty much fell into our laps while visiting with a less active member of the Kanai branch. So that was really sweet. We'll see them tomorrow.  And then we met with a less active member of the YSA branch, and that was really cool. Her name is Kate, and she had tons of really amazing questions. And we talked a lot about faith, and we shared the Joseph Smith story, and she was like "Wouldn't seeing God defeat the purpose of having faith that he's there, though?" And I had never thought about that, but we talked about all the trials that he still underwent and how much faith he still had to have to go through all of those. It was really, really neat, and she came to FHE last night.So yeah. I'm just really relieved that I'm staying. All that matters hahaha. 
We've had so many little miracles happen though, that it's just been amazing to be here and to be serving. I don't even know where to begin with all of it. 
It's been awesome though. This transfer will be amazing.

I need to send some pics.

I love you! 
Elder Madsen


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