Blogging Shout-Out

This blogging shout-out goes to my Dad.
I was writing a post on my Happy Hearts Homeschool blog, about homeschool critics, and I decided to mention my dad's advice from when I was a teenager.
He told me that it doesn't matter what anyone else in this world thinks of me. What matters is how I see myself.
That counsel has helped me many times when others around me have been critical of some of my choices, especially when I pulled Marcus out of public school to take over the reigns of his education with my own hands and drive them all by myself.
And then kept at it!
Homeschooling has been one of the most amazing and successful endeavors I've ever taken on as a parent, and because of my dad's advice, I've never let other's differing opinions on the subject matter to me.
(At least not for long.)
My dad has never questioned me for any of the choices I've made in my life. He's simply loved and accepted me just the way I am.
So, thanks, Dad. I love you.

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