Westfalia Orphanage

On Friday, Marcus and I accompanied Darcie, and her friend, Laura, to Westfalia Orphanage. This was my first visit, but Darcie has been volunteering on a bi-weekly basis at Westfalia for months now, and Marcus and I plan to continue in her place this summer.

Darcie loves these children, and they love her right back.

Marcus enjoyed playing with Alejandro.

Darcie and Laura provided lunch for all the Kindergarten class. Laura made the sandwiches, which I think were chicken with these French fry chips mixed in, and she added ketchup or mayonnaise as the children desired. Darcie brought chocolate milk boxes and tangerines. This was more food than these little ones usually eat for lunch, which is their main meal of the day.

Darcie arranged for me to have a tour. They showed us their best house for approx. 12 of the orphans who live there.

The family room 
The laundry room
The kitchen
Marcus and Laura in the dining room 
                                                              One of the bedrooms

The girls' bathroom
I also saw their animals. This is their lone pig.
                                                                And some chickens.

Isn't this little guy too cute?
                                                                They are all really sweet.
So that was my day at Westfalia. If you haven't seen Darcie's blog yet, you are missing out! You can find it HERE.

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