May 6, 2014

Hey mom! (That's English)

I'm really happy to hear that I'm your favorite missionary. At least when I can't be the favorite child, I can be the favorite something. That'll all change in 4 months I suppose, but I'll make the most of it while I can.

I think it's really neat when you guys have missionary experiences. It's awesome. I really hope you're praying for them, and I can tell you're definitely making the most of them when they come. It's the best thing to do. I hope I can really stay missionary minded when I get home, and keep it a priority in my life. Make sure to tell her about the missionaries!

Have they started building the Arequipa temple yet? Do you know?

When do you think you'll move into a new place? Before or after the girls fly off to Utah? Remind them not to burn the house down. That's pretty important. I need a place to come home too.

Not much to update on this week. It's been quiet. Though, on the plus side, Edwin, our investigator came to church this Sunday and said he has some questions he'd really like us to answer. So we'll be meeting with him tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well. We could use a more solid person to teach regularly. We're setting up appointments to meet with our Ward Mission Leaders so that we can better coordinate the work between all the wards. Having a bunch of new missionaries will liven that up I hope, and give us all a bunch of fresh ideas. I feel like I'm always in areas when they get completely wiped out and then built back up. It was like that in Richmond, High River, and now here. But I enjoy it. I enjoy the challenge, the chance to start fresh and to see that change.

It's good. I love it out here. I think one thing I've really learnt from my mission is just to love the work you're involved in and to give it your all. I hope I can do that with my callings in the future, and in my life in general. Makes me really want to get involved in a career with something that I'll enjoy going to and doing the best I can. But I just have no idea what that'll be. 
But I love it out here. I was talking to a guy who just got home last week from his mission, and he found out I'd been out for 20 months, and he was like "How do you feel?" and I said "Honestly, I don't know. I love it here, but there's just these moments." And he laughed, and he was like, yep that won't change at all. Make the most of it, love it. And don't look back and don't look too far into the future yet either haha. I dont' know. I love it though. I want to make the most of my last few months here. I want it to be the best. I finally know what I"m doing, and how to do it. And I'm done caring about what could go wrong. I've got nothing holding me back from doing the best and I'm going to make it the best 3 transfers of my mission.
Anywho. Love you.

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