May 26, 2014

Dear Mom,

I'm doing great! Things here have been really good. Nothing major has happened. But we have a ton of people we can start working with, if only we meet up with them. Which has been our problem. But this week, we managed to locate and contact the chief of the Blood Reserve Tribe, and he told us we could come back. Frankly, we were a little disappointed that we weren't offered daughters to wife, and that we haven't been able to cut off any arms yet. But good things come to those who wait, right? So we're still hopeful for the best ;)

We were also sitting to lunch at Lighthouse, a bakery, and this man named Roland came over to us. He's a native and back in October he was drunk in the middle of the highway and the sisters accidentally ran him over. He's suing the church now haha. But we're at lunch and he starts talking to us, and I asked if there was anything we could do for him, and he asked us to teach him about the church. So, we should be seeing him soon. Hopefully he's solid. It's hard to tell with the natives out here though.
Beyond that, it's been a lot of service this week, which has been nice. Not quite as much as I was diong back in High River, but it's getting there haha. Hopefully we can get out and do some more branding . That'd be really nice. We've been doing a lot of yard work. Digging holes. Trenches. All sorts of stuff. So that's been nice, and it's getting us working around a lot of people.

We're excited though. Still. Things are going to happen. We had a fight with the Sisters for like 3 days, but I think that's all sorted out now. We're not even really sure why they got mad at us. Sisters...

Anywho. I'm excited to hear how the move and mailing Darcie and Marissa home goes! Let me know! I'm excited to hear it all.

Love you! Have a great day!


Elder Madsen

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