April 7, 2014

I am doing good. I really, really enjoyed General Conference this weekend. I was sad and excited for this one, as it is my last conference as a missionary, and that means I've now had four of them as a missionary, and that was odd, but I loved it, and I'm also really excited that I'll be home for the next one. Weird thought though, eh?

But, I loved all the talks, particularly in priesthood session. Elder Oaks gave a wonderful talk about the priesthood, and I feel that much of it was very directed at the "women's movement" going on in the church. I Haven't heard a lot, but members talk about it. I think it's pretty stupid. But Elder Oaks gave a really powerful line- he said "That we need to stop worrying about our rights and start worrying about our responsibilities" And that really hit me. How true that is, especially in today's world. So I loved it. All of the talks were good. I don't know why though, I always get really sleepy during the last session. Though, I didn't fall asleep! I may have dozed during the last hymn though :P

It was great though. Many of the themes I noticed were Love, Courage, Responsibility, Family History.

Bev Miller? She's really sweet. We had dinner at her house, and her son is our WML in the YSA ward. He's really cool. That whole family is pretty cool. Very helpful and supportive of us missionaries. She has another son serving in New Zealand right now. We just all had dinner together, and we heard stories from her 3 kids that were there, and it was a lot of fun. I was pretty quiet during dinner. I've decided that I'm not much for large groups.

Friday, we went to Calgary for meetings, and our President is changing up teh way that we do a lot of our planning and there are a new Standards of Excellence for the mission. It was really interesting to see the changes and I'm really, really excited to see how much it affects teh mission. I'm super pumped though. It will be exciting to see how the mission changes over the next 5 months.

I love it here. I really do. I love serving other missionaries and the people here. It's great. There is nothing better for my life that I could be doing :)

Love you Mom :)


Elder Madsen

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