April 28, 2014

Dear Mom,

This week was a lot better. Elder Short has been feeling much better, and we were able to get out and do work in the area, which has been a nice change. Though, unfortunately, I have been sick since Friday night. I'm pretty sure I'm still sick, as I have this pretty bad cough, that wasn't helped very much by us getting up and going running this morning, but oh well. We got out and worked though. Saturday was really cool. A lady named Geri got baptized. The sisters have been teaching her for the last few weeks. She moved into Hillspring and called the church building and said she wanted to learn more. She was super solid, and it was really neat to be see and be at her baptism. There's something super cool about being at a baptism, and knowing that that person has gained a testimony of the truth and that they've know chosen to act, and to know that that decision will change their life. It's awesome. I love it out here.

So that was really cool. The other sweet part of the week was that we got to go Branding out at Brother Gibbs farm. That was a pretty sweet experience. It smells pretty bad though. Must be all the burning hair and flesh, or something. And cows are ridiculously stubborn creatures. I got kicked. Luckily it was more of a grazing hit, or it probably would have messed up my knee really well. But that was fun. We would push them into the chute, then Aaron would trap them, Johnny would brand them, and I would tag their ears. It was fun. Though, we tried every step of the process, including, going out and herding in a new batch of cows to brand. It was fun. I really enjoyed just being out on the farm and working. And the people we were working with were really cool. Aaron kept making jokes the whole time, and he'd make fun of me whenever I messed up. Sometimes I'd put the tag too high on the ear, and once I put it on backwards, and then the worst one I accidentally folded teh cows ear in half... that one was pretty bad. But, i only did that once. It was weird branding it though. Like, "here, let me stick this really hot piece of metal on your side while you can't move and you're obviously in pain." So. Yeah. We're going again this week though. Did you get the pictures?

Things are going well though. I'm looking forward to transfers, which aren't this week, but next week. So I won't be on next Monday, but on Tuesday. I think a change will be really good for this area, and for me personally. I'm getting along much better with my companion, but it still has it's stressful moments. Things this week have been pretty good though. And I really like the district I'm serving in, and I think I've found some really good friends here. So I can't complain.

I just wish the weather would stop being temperamental.
Anyways. I love you :)


Elder Madsen
I couldn't figure out how to save the pictures Zach emailed me because they are iPhone pics, but if you would like to see them, just let me know and I'll forward that email to you. -Camie

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