April 21, 2014

Dear Mom!

Well. This week has been interesting. Elder Short has been sick for like the last 2 weeks, on and off again, and he refuses to go see a doctor. So we've spent a lot of time letting him rest and sleep, and it's been nice in some ways. I get a lot of time to myself to read and listen to talks. But, I want to be out and doing work, and so in that regard it's been pretty frustrating. Hopefully he gets feeling better this week though. I'm trying to talk him into seeing a doctor today or tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

So honestly, not much has happened in the last week. We had our zone training meeting, and I chose to do my training on Praying with Faith and used Alma 31 as an example of how we should be praying and exercising our faith on our missions. I think it went pretty well. I enjoy working with missionaries, I think that that might be one of my favorite aspects of the mission.

On Friday night we were about to go on exchanges with another set of Elders when they had a member call them and say that a cow was calving and we should head over there and watch. So we all jumped into the truck and drove over there, and we're watching this cow be born (kind of gross, by the way) and the member looks at me and says, go get one of those gloves and help me out. So I got a glove (they go all the way up your arm) and I put it on, and then I was holding onto the leg of this baby cow so he could get the chain wrapped around it, and then he got the other leg, and we got the chain wrapped around it, then the two of us pulled the baby cow out of the mama cow. That was weird. And I really need to take those pants into the dry-cleaners now.

Sadly, the cow was still born. So that was depressing. I wonder if it might be a sign that I probably shouldn't choose to deliver babies the rest of my life. But, despite the sad side of that, it was a really cool experience. We're going to go branding sometime too, but we don't' know when that will happen yet.

That's really the highlight of my week haha. We had interviews. They were really good. President talked to me a lot about empathy. That was pretty neat actually. It was a really good interview.

Love you mom!


Elder Madsen

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