April 14, 2014

I'm trying to practice my Spanish more often here. Sister Gonzalez speaks Spanish, so I'm trying to talk to her in Spanish when I can, and the two of us recite our mission scriptures (My Purpose and D&C 4) in Spanish. It's fun. Mixes it up from the norm. I try to pray in Spanish at least once throughout the day too. And every once in a while I'll read from my Spanish book of Mormon.

This week has been pretty good. Really slow. Elder Short got really sick and slept for 32 hours, so I had pretty much a whole day to myself. Except, as a missionary, you can't really get out and do stuff on your own. So I was pretty much trapped in the apartment for a couple of days. It wasn't too bad though. I did a ton of reading. I picked a new study topic and just dove into it, and it was really cool. I was able to go out on an exchange for an hour or so with another missionary too, so I did get out for a bit. And some of the sisters brought us soup haha. So it wasn't all bad. Just quiet.

On Friday, Hillspring, which is a tiny village we cover had a community dinner, and we got invited, and it was really really funny. It was a great meal, and then they had some entertainment. The guy was a magician/ventriloquist, and he was really really funny. It was a fun evening. We got to meet a ton of people in Hillspring too, which was really good. So it was definitely a good use of time.

Not much else happened this week though. It was really quiet. Oh. I did a yoyo performance for the seminary class we help to teach. I was super nervous. One thing I've learned out here... is that I hate performing. I get way nervous. Stage fright. I guess. But It went well. And now kids around town are always asking me to stop and show them some tricks. It's pretty funny.

The Book of Mormon challenge sounds pretty good. We had an interesting debate about programs liek that in Institute a few weeks ago. It was very lively, and both sides had soem really good points. I think ti'd be good though. You should send me a copy of the schedule and I'll do it with you guys.

Anywho. Love you! Miss you!


Elder Madsen

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