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Marcus demonstrates his mini weapons!

April 28, 2014

Dear Mom,

This week was a lot better. Elder Short has been feeling much better, and we were able to get out and do work in the area, which has been a nice change. Though, unfortunately, I have been sick since Friday night. I'm pretty sure I'm still sick, as I have this pretty bad cough, that wasn't helped very much by us getting up and going running this morning, but oh well. We got out and worked though. Saturday was really cool. A lady named Geri got baptized. The sisters have been teaching her for the last few weeks. She moved into Hillspring and called the church building and said she wanted to learn more. She was super solid, and it was really neat to be see and be at her baptism. There's something super cool about being at a baptism, and knowing that that person has gained a testimony of the truth and that they've know chosen to act, and to know that that decision will change their life. It's awesome. I love it out here.

So that was really cool. The other…

April 21, 2014

Dear Mom!

Well. This week has been interesting. Elder Short has been sick for like the last 2 weeks, on and off again, and he refuses to go see a doctor. So we've spent a lot of time letting him rest and sleep, and it's been nice in some ways. I get a lot of time to myself to read and listen to talks. But, I want to be out and doing work, and so in that regard it's been pretty frustrating. Hopefully he gets feeling better this week though. I'm trying to talk him into seeing a doctor today or tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

So honestly, not much has happened in the last week. We had our zone training meeting, and I chose to do my training on Praying with Faith and used Alma 31 as an example of how we should be praying and exercising our faith on our missions. I think it went pretty well. I enjoy working with missionaries, I think that that might be one of my favorite aspects of the mission.

On Friday night we were about to go on exchanges with another set of Elders …

April 14, 2014

I'm trying to practice my Spanish more often here. Sister Gonzalez speaks Spanish, so I'm trying to talk to her in Spanish when I can, and the two of us recite our mission scriptures (My Purpose and D&C 4) in Spanish. It's fun. Mixes it up from the norm. I try to pray in Spanish at least once throughout the day too. And every once in a while I'll read from my Spanish book of Mormon.

This week has been pretty good. Really slow. Elder Short got really sick and slept for 32 hours, so I had pretty much a whole day to myself. Except, as a missionary, you can't really get out and do stuff on your own. So I was pretty much trapped in the apartment for a couple of days. It wasn't too bad though. I did a ton of reading. I picked a new study topic and just dove into it, and it was really cool. I was able to go out on an exchange for an hour or so with another missionary too, so I did get out for a bit. And some of the sisters brought us soup haha. So it wasn't al…

Because of Him

April 7, 2014

I am doing good. I really, really enjoyed General Conference this weekend. I was sad and excited for this one, as it is my last conference as a missionary, and that means I've now had four of them as a missionary, and that was odd, but I loved it, and I'm also really excited that I'll be home for the next one. Weird thought though, eh?

But, I loved all the talks, particularly in priesthood session. Elder Oaks gave a wonderful talk about the priesthood, and I feel that much of it was very directed at the "women's movement" going on in the church. I Haven't heard a lot, but members talk about it. I think it's pretty stupid. But Elder Oaks gave a really powerful line- he said "That we need to stop worrying about our rights and start worrying about our responsibilities" And that really hit me. How true that is, especially in today's world. So I loved it. All of the talks were good. I don't know why though, I always get really sleepy durin…