The Best Part of Moving

My favorite house because it reminded me of a house out of fairy tale, and it was in a gorgeous part of Washington state, near a beautiful lake. I got to live here for 7 whole months!
                                                                                                                              I'll be honest here. The process of moving, in or out of state, and especially abroad, is a pain. You have to go through all sorts of hassles. Some are a minor inconvenience, like getting a new driver's license, while others are a major multi-step process, like obtaining a visa. Selling a house is no picnic, either. We've sold 5 so far, which isn't bad considering we've lived in 11 altogether, and that is not counting the apartments, condos, hotels and one time with family, that were all stepping-stones to each big move.

Darcie was enrolled in 10 different schools from elementary to high school! Zach was only in 7 different schools because he was 2-years older. Marissa has been in 8 different schools, and Marcus, a mere 2, thanks to our discovery of homeschooling.

This is our lifestyle, so we've embraced it, and we can honestly say that there is more to like than to dislike about moving the way we do. Here is our top ten list of why we enjoy moving:

10. Waking up to new scenery. We've lived in lush green forested areas, and we've lived in sandy desserts. We've lived near mountains and we've lived near oceans.

 9. Discovering new things about ourselves. For example, now I know, I am most definitely not a city-girl! I prefer the picturesque small town life to the bustle of the big city. I love country lanes and space between me and my next door neighbor.

 8. Touring interesting and exciting places we may not have seen otherwise.

 7. Viewing the world through a bigger lens, where we've realized the world is both big and small.

 6. The adventure of living among another people and culture. Learning a second language.


 5. Experiencing the Gospel in action in other parts of the world, such as Canada and Peru.

 4. Creative opportunities to serve others, such as Darcie's current work with a Peruvian orphanage.

 3. Making new friends. I can't imagine how empty my life would be without the amazing friends I've made in each place I've called home.

2. Developing a deeper appreciation for our blessings.

1. The closeness and self-reliance we share as a family. We are truly each other's best friends. 

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