March 25, 2014

Hey Mom!

I really am not sure what to share about this week. It's been a good week. We had a really good lesson with Richard and Mabel Fox. They're a really old couple. I know that he just turned 80, and she's right around the same age. But they came to the conference with Elder Holland, and in typical Holland fashion, he spoke directly to any investigators in the session and pretty much told them they needed to get baptized and that they couldn't deny the evidences. So, we went and met with them and we challenged them to be baptized on the 12th of April. And they were a little hesitant, though Richard said several times he knows that it's true. Their big issue is that they're so old and set in their ways. But we're trying to work with them. We told them to pray about it and they would get their answer. I'm a little worried about Mabel, but Richard is super solid. I think it'll happen though. 

Want to hear something really cool? I just got an email from Elder Kemp, and he and I contacted this young lady in a pizza shop a while ago. Maybe 2 months ago, and then again the weekend before I came here, and that time I gave her a Book of Mormon. Apparently, they're teaching her and she's set to be baptized! Isn't that awesome? Makes me so happy. I feel a lot of my missionary work has been that way... 

Not much else terribly exciting has happened this week. I was able to go to the Temple on Friday, and that was cool. Sister Smith, who was a recent convert from Lethbridge was able to come, which is why we went. Elder Short is one of the missionaries who baptized her. And the former Elder King, was there, now Shelbey. We're suppose to met up with him sometime this week before he heads home. It was really cool to see him. You guys would like him. He's going to be at the airport when I get home to see Elder Short, and now me, since he didn't know we'd go home together. 

That's really it for this week. it was a slower week, but not a bad one. I finally feel like I'm connecting more with the zone as a whole, and of course right as transfers happen. But it'll be good still. I'm excited. Change is always nice. I'm use to it anyways :P

Anywho. Yeah. That's pretty much it for me here. 

OH! On Monday we had the cops called on us :) That was awesome!  They didn't catch us though. So no worries. We were playing Fugitive with the YSA and apparently we trespassed on a grumpy man's lawn, and he called the police. We didn't get caught though.

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