March 17, 2014


I really don't know what heyo means. But, what's up?

This week was pretty good. The highlight of course, was this weekend, but I'll get to that in a just a minute. The rest of the week was pretty good. We were busy. We played games with the YSA for family home evening on Monday, and then we attended institute on Tuesdays with them. That's really cool. It's kind of weird being there as a missionary, because the teacher tends to still ask us to answer a lot of questions and I almost feel like I shouldn't as most of the guys are RM's and then it's just weird, but I really enjoy it. We also help to teach seminary once a week. On Thursdays, and the past couple of weeks we've just helped them work on memorizing scriptures, but it's fun to talk to the youth. I really hope I wasn't like that when I was that age though.

We also taught an ESL class on Saturday. There were 8 people there, all from Mexico. They were really cool. It was a fun class. We worked on greetings and basic conversation, and the group of guys all worked together and so it was pretty funny to see how they joked around with each other and made fun of each other, but helped out as well. It was really cool. I think we'll be able to work with all of them eventually, but there are two couples I'm really excited to get to know better. One of the couples are Mennonites! They explained a lot about it that I knew nothing about. So that was really neat.

But. The awesomest part of the week, was hearing from 2 Apostles. The first was Elder Nelson, on Saturday in a missionary meeting. We didn't get to actually be there, as he was in Calgary, but they broadcasted the meeting down to Lethbridge and we drove in to there. It was really cool. But, honestly, I think it was Bishop Stevenson (the presiding bishop) whose words I really enjoyed and needed to hear in that meeting. We also hear from Elder Maynes of the seventy. It was a great meeting, and they talked a lot about communication with people and how we just need to open our mouth and talk and build normal relationships with the people that we meet. It was good.

But the best part of the weekend was yesterday. There was a special stake conference called for the Cardston East Stake and Elder Holland came and spoke to us. It was amazing. I thought he was an amazing speaker, but it's so much better when it's in person! It's really hard to describe. He used the story from Acts 3 about the lame man being healed, to speak to us, which is my favorite story in the scriptures, and just hearing that from an apostle, and not just any apostle, but from my personal favorite apostle was probably one of the most amazing moments of my life. It was so powerful. I'm pretty sure Elder Holland was there with them. The way he tells those stories he really brings them to life. It's amazing.

So yes. I had a great weekend. it was awesome. Simply amazing. I loved it.

I couldn't ask for more right now.

Cool, eh?

Elder Madsen

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