March 10, 2014

The craziest thing happened this week. So, on Friday we had Mission Leadership Council up in Calgary. We went and spent pretty much the whole day talking with all of the other leaders in the mission about how the mission is doing and what we'd like to see happen to see it improve and grow. It was good. Not much really happened there, but on the way back, I wanted to stop off at this store in Nanton. We go in, and this lady follows us in and introduces herself as Samantha Healey. She's a recent convert and she was baptized into the Oakville ward. She happens to live like 4 houses down the street from Ian and Roselle. So we spent a good twenty minutes talking. It was awesome. She took a picture and said she'd take it back to the ward and say hi for me. I really miss that ward. It was so crazy though. I mean, of all the places to run into someone from Milton. There's no chance. Only the Lord could have worked that one. It was a really powerful, but quiet moment where I knew the Lord was watching out for me and sent me something that I needed.

(Oakville ward was our Canada ward, which still claims Zachary as their missionary. It's the best ward we've had the privilege of being a part of.)

This week has been pretty good. I didn't realize just how much I had miss "normal" missionary work until this week when that was all I was doing all week. We did a ton of stop-bys and had some good meetings with potential investigators. Apparently the week before I got here all of the investigators dropped us, so we're trying to reestablish contact with them and build up our teaching pool again. So it's been slow, but we've had stuff to do every day and then we've had to help out some other missionaries with some problems that they've been having. But I think it's resolved now, or at least better. So I'm not too worred about them. And serving with Elder Short has been different, but he's a great kid and I've had a lot of fun. He handles some things a little differently than I do, and sometimes I don't like the way he handles it, but it hasn't been bad.
The highlight of this week was learning that on Saturday we get to hear from Elder Nelson of the 12 in a special missionary meeting for our mission, and then on Sunday Elder Holland will be visiting the Cardston Stake, and I'm one of 4 missionaries who are allowed to attend that meeting. So I'm really excited for this weekend. Especially since I might get a front row seat for us and our investigators on Sunday. I really hope they come! They better. It'll change their lives. 
(I think Zach's mission president was inspired to send Zach to Cardston and this could be part of the reason.)

So. Yeah. That's been this week :P Not much really, but busy. I'm tired.

Love you Mom :)

Elder Madsen, and I assume, Elder Short

The amazing Elder Madsen

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