I'm a Mormon Kid (free e-book)

Marcus' Liahona Junior class has collectively made a free eBook about being a Mormon kid. To download either a PDF or ITunes version, please visit his class blogI'm a Mormon Kid, and click on the links available in the right column. Be sure to look for Marcus' contribution page, about missionary work. And, while you're visiting the blog, make sure you read the adorable postings by the academy and distance students in Marcus' class.

One of the reasons I homeschool is so that the gospel can be included in every aspect of my children's lives, including their academic education. I commend Liahona Academy for offering restoration-based education. Elder Bruce R. McConkie once said, "When the real history of the world is written, it will show God's dealings with men, and the place the gospel has played in the rise and fall of nations."

If you would like to read more about restoration-based education, there is an excellent article written by Brent DeGraff, who is my daughter's history teacher at Liahona. (Just click on the word article, above, and it should take you to the Liahona website where you can open the article.) Here are a couple excerpts from his article:

"Under the current pressures of bi-culturism, agnosticism, secularism and humanism which diminish and deny the influence of God in our educational system, our society seems to have reached a station more dangerous than any of the above "isms". We find ourselves in an era of compromise in our content and approach to education. This "luke-warm" approach denies the teaching of man's divine origins and erases the hand of Providence in order to make our schools more harmonious and homogenous with popular opinion."

"There are those who believe that combining academics and religion will cause one or the other to suffer.... If taught correctly, a Restoration approach to education will blend the two disciplines together in such a manner as to give the student a complete education. While simpler and less challenging, the current homogenous approach will result in a "one-eyed" education, one that touches the mind, but not the heart...."
I want my children's minds and hearts to be engaged in their academic learning, and I want them to always, in all things, put God first. This is my first year homeschooling Marcus where I have teamed up with another teacher and an actual school. We are having an amazing homeschooling year together as a result. I feel deeply blessed to have the freedom to homeschool and I thank Liahona Academy for offering an amazing distance program that harmonizes with my homeschooling.

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