February 24, 2014

Hey Mom,

I'm doing really good this morning, besides the fact that both my feet are still cold from walking outside this morning, and my left ankle hurts, but that's normal now. So, I guess I can't complain.

This week has been awesome! We did some service on Tuesday for a less active sister in the ward, and afterwards I took a few minutes to talk to her and set up an appointment for Thursday evening. Well, we showed up and she had forgotten, but we rescheduled for Friday, and that worked because then her common law was able to be there, and we had prepared a message on forgiveness (random topic, eh?) and the whole time we talked, we kept coming around to families. The lady is pregnant with a child, and so it was a great way to introduce teaching the gospel and so we invited Don (the boyfriend) to be taught and he said yes! So we're going over there again tomorrow night to teach him, and then we're going to use that to try and re-activate the sister and her 2 daughters. They're a pretty cool family though, and Don is awesome. Way respectful, and the whole time we were talking he kept remarking about how wrong the world's opinion on Mormons is. It was pretty comforting. So that was really cool.

Then on Sunday we ran into Sister Wurz, who isn't a member, but her son decided he wanted to be baptized when he was 9, and he gets his mom to drive him to church and drop him off, and he comes by himself. He's almost 12 now. I have a ton of respect for him. But his mom stayed for most of church, and she agreed to let us come by and talk with her as well, so that'll happen on Thursday. We're also making a huge push to find new less-active members to start teaching and that has been getting off to a nice start. It's good. Things are going great.

There are still a few little things that bug me. The hard thing about serving in a "foursome" like it feels we are, is that there is a lot of down time and the first thing they all tend to do is talk and just sit around, or throw a basketball around if we're at the church. I'm trying to find a way to cut that time down without isolating myself from the rest of them. It's slow. I'm also trying to decide how much I can put up with. There's a few of their jokes I have a hard time listening too, and I haven't said anything yet, but I feel I might need to if it keeps up. But things are good.

I'm excited though. Things are really looking up as far as teaching goes, and we're still as busy as ever with the service. So. I can't really complain too much, right? And I got two letters this week. So that was awesome.

Love you Mom!


Elder Madsen

Elder Madsen with the steer he made for roping!


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