February 18, 2014

Hey Mom,

Well. This week has been busy. We were accidentally triple booked on Thursday, so we had to bring in 6 other missionaries to help us with all the service we were doing. It was a busy day. And we were helping someone move, and we followed them out to where they were storing stuff, and we were driving for like 40 minutes. I'm not even sure we were in our area anymore. Oops. But it was good to do. I really enjoy the service.

This week has been interesting. Doing service all the time is different, and I'm starting to realize how much I really miss teaching and I guess normal missionary work. I know what we're doing is important, especially in this area and I love it.

Things really changed this transfer. My district got split into two districts, so now it's really small, and I'm not thrilled about that. And I'm worried a lot about Elder Gordon, who is the other district leader. He seems super super stressed lately, and I've been trying to talk to him as much as possible, but there's only so much I can do, especially now that he's not in my district. I think I'll talk to President though. The main problem with it all is that one of the zone leaders just seems to make everyone mad and doesn't care about how it affects any of us. So that has been awfully frustrating. But I think things are going alright still.

I think it's funny you guys complain about the heat. I wish it was warmer here. But maybe not that warm. So I'll reserve my judgment. :P It's been a little bit nicer here lately though. I've been able to just wear a t shirt on a couple of days. Though, it's still been below freezing all the time.

Anywho. I'm doing good. Love you :)




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