February 11, 2014

This last week was an interesting one. We spent a lot of time at the hospital for Elder Roper. I had to drive him there at 2 in the morning one night, and that was a long night. Luckily for us, President said we could sleep in. But it was really rough for Elder Roper. Luckily, whatever they did at the ER seems to have helped. I think it really gave him time to think if he wanted to stay out here or not, and I'm super happy that he decided he wanted to stay. I think him making that decision and realizing that he really did want to be out here is what made the biggest difference for him. He's been doing a lot better since then.

So I think that has finally gotten off to a better note. Saturday was my birthday, and it was really good. We helped another set of missionaries move, and then we all went and bought hats, and then we got ice cream after dinner. For dinner, the members made steak, and it was really good. And brownies. They were going to make cheesecake, but they were missing some of the ingredients, and so they didn't make it haha. The brownies were good still though.

Not much really happened this week that was super exciting. We are still working with Habitat for Humanity. We've been doing insulation at the house we helped to frame. It was pretty cool. I got to work the saw the whole time. 

We were finally able to get ahold of Maureen again. We went over there this morning to talk to her. She's been super sick, and has had more health problems, but said she still wants to meet with us. We also were helping our bishop out at the ranch the other day, and we worked with a guy named Ben, and I think we might get a call from him to help him stop smoking. He's been trying for a while, but says every time he comes to work, he starts smoking again. I thought that was pretty funny. And I was really happy I didn't get stepped on by a cow this time out at the ranch.

The other really cool thing was on Sunday. We went and did some service for a lady in Nanton, and then afterwards we stopped by a member couple. And we stayed there for a couple of hours and they taught us how to rope and gave us each a rope haha. It was a lot of fun, and it was something really cool to go and do.

I'm really happy I get to stay here though. It means I don't have to pack! Haha. So it's a good thing.

Anyways. I love you. Hope all is well!


Elder Madsen

Elder Madsen and Elder Roper


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