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February 24, 2014

Hey Mom,

I'm doing really good this morning, besides the fact that both my feet are still cold from walking outside this morning, and my left ankle hurts, but that's normal now. So, I guess I can't complain.

This week has been awesome! We did some service on Tuesday for a less active sister in the ward, and afterwards I took a few minutes to talk to her and set up an appointment for Thursday evening. Well, we showed up and she had forgotten, but we rescheduled for Friday, and that worked because then her common law was able to be there, and we had prepared a message on forgiveness (random topic, eh?) and the whole time we talked, we kept coming around to families. The lady is pregnant with a child, and so it was a great way to introduce teaching the gospel and so we invited Don (the boyfriend) to be taught and he said yes! So we're going over there again tomorrow night to teach him, and then we're going to use that to try and re-activate the sister and her 2 daugh…

The Wonderful Thing About Being You

I love Tigger! Know why? Because Tigger loves being Tigger.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers Is Tiggers are wonderful things Their tops are made out of rubber Their bottoms are made out of springs Their bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers Is I'm the only one!
I think we should all be more like Tigger, happy and confident in who we are. Remember, there is no one else just like you, and that is what makes YOU so amazing and wonderful.
So be happy being you. Be confident being you. Never try to be anyone, but yourself. And be the best you, you can be. Believe in yourself and be true to yourself. After all, there is only one of you in this world, and the world wouldn't be the same without you. The world needs you! Because you offer the world something no one else can offer- YOU.

A Day With Us

Welcome, Morning! Another bright and extremely hot day is underway. It's 8:30am and there is some banging going on the other side of the park where a house is being built. I zoom my camera in. I can see construction workers looking out of a window space. While David gets ready for work (a little late this morning, but he has a flexible schedule that way), I cozy back into bed with my scriptures. I have the goal to read the Book of Mormon twice through before Zach comes home from his mission and I'm half-way through a 90 day reading challenge. After my scripture study, I change into work out clothes and go through a strength-training routine. David heads off to work. Meanwhile, Marissa and Marcus are both awake and reading in their beds. They always start and end their days reading. I've trained Marcus to read his scriptures before he dives into his latest book, and he's making me proud by sticking to that routine. We've decided that is one way we can show our Heavenl…

February 18, 2014

Hey Mom,

Well. This week has been busy. We were accidentally triple booked on Thursday, so we had to bring in 6 other missionaries to help us with all the service we were doing. It was a busy day. And we were helping someone move, and we followed them out to where they were storing stuff, and we were driving for like 40 minutes. I'm not even sure we were in our area anymore. Oops. But it was good to do. I really enjoy the service.

This week has been interesting. Doing service all the time is different, and I'm starting to realize how much I really miss teaching and I guess normal missionary work. I know what we're doing is important, especially in this area and I love it.
Things really changed this transfer. My district got split into two districts, so now it's really small, and I'm not thrilled about that. And I'm worried a lot about Elder Gordon, who is the other district leader. He seems super super stressed lately, and I've been trying to talk to him as …

Easy & Fun Science Experiments

Marcus' egg drop experiment. This comes from the Steve Spangler science website.

Marcus' color changing milk experiment, also from Steve Spangler.

February 11, 2014

This last week was an interesting one. We spent a lot of time at the hospital for Elder Roper. I had to drive him there at 2 in the morning one night, and that was a long night. Luckily for us, President said we could sleep in. But it was really rough for Elder Roper. Luckily, whatever they did at the ER seems to have helped. I think it really gave him time to think if he wanted to stay out here or not, and I'm super happy that he decided he wanted to stay. I think him making that decision and realizing that he really did want to be out here is what made the biggest difference for him. He's been doing a lot better since then.

So I think that has finally gotten off to a better note. Saturday was my birthday, and it was really good. We helped another set of missionaries move, and then we all went and bought hats, and then we got ice cream after dinner. For dinner, the members made steak, and it was really good. And brownies. They were going to make cheesecake, but they were miss…

Peru T.P.

I know this is a silly post, but I thought my nieces and nephews would find it funny. So, here in Peru most of their toilet paper is scented and sometimes we find prints like this Hello Kitty t.p. and tissue. The tissue that pops out has a pink Hello Kitty print all over it. Also, the Elite Duo t.p. means there are two rolls of t.p. in one. Instead of a t.p. roll made of cardboard in the very center, there is another pocket/purse-size roll of t.p. in its place. You just pop it out before you put the roll on the t.p. holder in your bathroom. It's actually pretty handy for here in Peru where you often don't find t.p. in the public bathrooms. Now you can carry your own little roll around with you.

Marcus' Book Review

"These were great, action packed, amazing, awesome books. So wonderful, I love how it is written and worded. Me and my mom read them together. I love the Guardian books and the guardians. Each book brings a new guardian that is funny, great, powerful, and unique." -Marcus

These books inspired the movie, Rise of the Guardians. If you loved the movie, we guarantee you'll love the book series.

Plaza de Armas (Lima, Peru)

The government palace.
The Plaza de Armas is the historic center of Lima.
Hi Marcus!
A typical street of venders.
Feeding the pigeons outside a cathedral which we toured.
A typical Inka doll.

I'm a Mormon Kid (free e-book)

Marcus' Liahona Junior class has collectively made a free eBook about being a Mormon kid. To download either a PDF or ITunes version, please visit his class blog, I'm a Mormon Kid, and click on the links available in the right column. Be sure to look for Marcus' contribution page, about missionary work. And, while you're visiting the blog, make sure you read the adorable postings by the academy and distance students in Marcus' class.

One of the reasons I homeschool is so that the gospel can be included in every aspect of my children's lives, including their academic education. I commend Liahona Academy for offering restoration-based education. Elder Bruce R. McConkie once said, "When the real history of the world is written, it will show God's dealings with men, and the place the gospel has played in the rise and fall of nations."

If you would like to read more about restoration-based education, there is an excellent article written by Brent DeGraff…

February 3, 2014

Here is an excerpt from Zach's email this week. He didn't seem to have a lot to tell me so the rest of his email was replying to my email to him. Most weeks when Zach emails, we are able to catch each other online and have an email chat so I get other info. out of him from that conversation and today he let me know that his companion is not doing well at all and may be sent home. Please keep Elder Roper in your prayers. He has some serious health issues and that is why he may have to cut his mission short. Poor guy.

Meanwhile, Zach's birthday is this Saturday. I know he'd love to hear Happy Birthday wishes from you. And, thank you, Mom, for mailing him a package. He really appreciated it.

You know, it is great to be a missionary, and as much as I love it, I feel that everyone's views on how easy it is, are skewed. That's just me though. Life as a missionary is great, what we do is great, sometimes who we do it with is great, and most of the things that happen ar…