January 6, 2014

Dear Mom,
Well. I'm just going to dive right in. My new companion is Elder Tyler Roper from West Jordan. He's been out a total of 5 months, but he went home for a year after his first 3 1/2 months, and has just come back out. He's super excited to be back, super solid, great testimony, powerful spirit, and best of all, a huge desire to work, and not only work, but to work hard. I love it. We've already had some great times together.

There are now 4 missionaries here in High River, and in many regards it feels a lot like a 4 leg companionship. Meaning that there is 4 of us together haha. But we all get along great, and the other missionaries, Stewart and Anderson are both really cool guys. Anderson is brand new, and so we make fun of him all the time, but in a loving way that really secretly builds him up. We've spent the last few days going around town talking to all the store owners trying to get service fliers put up and we've spent a lot of time just shoveling, and we've already seen some positive results from it. So it's been really cool. I think we've done more in the past few days that Elder Owen and I were able to accomplish in the 2 transfers that we were together.

I love it now though. Things are just so much better, things are happening, I've barely spent any time just lounging around. We've been doing work. I love it! This is what I came out here to do! It's a huge testimony to me that God answers prayers and that he knows what we need. And he get's it for us when we need it. I'm so happy. This is great. 
I love you Mom :) You're the greatest. I'm so blessed to have you as my mom. You've been such a huge example to me, and you still are. And I know my testimony wouldn't be anything near as strong as it is without your influence and your testimony and just who you are. You're amazing.

Elder Madsen

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