January 27, 2014

Here is an excerpt from Zach's weekly email. Please keep Elder Roper in your prayers. He has some serious on-going health issues that I don't feel at liberty to write about. Just know he needs extra prayers at this time.

We've done a ton a service this week. We're now registered with Habitat for Humanity and doing quite a bit of work with them. That's really cool, as we're doing lots of fun stuff, but there are always other volunteers and the project leader to talk to and we've had some really good conversations with them. We're going back tomorrow and we're actually building a house! We're pretty pumped. Still lots of calls and we've been pretty busy that way. So that's good. We weren't able to meet up with Maureen because she got the flu, but we're still in contact with her, so we're really hoping that we can this week, but as of right now we're already almost completely booked for the week. Another cool thing that happened was on Friday night. I actually wasn't there for it, as I was in Okotoks on an exchange. But while Elder Roper and Elder Wilson were eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant in town, two girls came up and asked if they could sit down and ask questions about being a Mormon. They ended up talking for quite awhile and now the 2 girls want to meet with us sometime this week. Things are happening here and it's great to be a part of it.
As for everything else. Elder Roper isn't getting any better, and in fact I think he may be getting worse. But he pulls through as best as he can. He had a really rough morning today though, and there really isn't anything that can be done until his doctor's appointment on Wednesday.

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