Jauary 20, 2014

This is an excerpt from Zach's latest email. Please email or write to him so that he knows you love and support his efforts as a missionary.

This week was really good for us. We've had a ton of calls for service, and we've been able to help almost all of them. It's been good. Though we had a terrible experience  trying to move a bunch of stuff for this guy down the narrowest hallways I've ever been in, and then the worse little door I've ever seen, and yeah. Basically, the couch got stuck at the bottom of the stairs and we couldn't get it out, and I was stuck in the basement with the mom and one of her kids, and the 3 other missionaries were stuck on the other side of the couch with the husband. And it was stuck for a good little while. Then we got everyone out of the way, and shoved it back up the hallway. And back where we got it from. No way that sucker was moving. But then the guy was like, well, let's try this! and this! and this! and everything was too big, and he never listened to us when we told him that. Until the last item. And I think it's because all 4 of us were refusing to help him carry it down the stairs. He was destroying the walls on his house. So we stopped, finally. We ran into them yesterday at this community event we were helping out at, and his wife said they decided to make a bigger hole in the wall and never put a door there. Then they'll call us again.

But it was good. We cleaned a lady's house and now we're going back to teach her. That was really cool. We're happy, because a lot of missionaries have said service doesnt' work, and we can throw that back in their face, but we're happy we're seeing results from that. Especially so quickly. It's been great.
Yesterday, we volunteered at a carnival, and we helped to run an ice hockey rink and we basically played broomball for an hour with a bunch of kids. It was awesome. And we got our picture taken, so hopefully that does us some good. Even if it doesn't, it was a ton of fun!
Good week over all. I haven't fallen on the ice yet, so that is a blessing. A real blessing. But, there's always today, and tomorrow, and the next day. So pray for me, will you? Stewarts fallen twice, and Anderson has once. It's been realliy really funny.

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