Amusement Park

 On Friday my friends and I went to an amusement park. Although I was unsure if it was safe, it was fun and, thankfully no one died. There were a couple of rides and an area for kids. There was bounce houses and a climbing wall. We got there around 2:30 and we were told it opened at 3:00 so we went in and explored. The rides didn't start until around 3:30. We went on the ride Black-Out first. We were the first ones to ride it and the people there were laughing at us. On most of the rides it was just me and my friends. The second time we rode Black-Out there were people riding with us and on Matter Horn as well.
This is the entrance of the amusement park.
This is the rollercoaster. We didn't ride this.
Spin-Out was fun.
Matter Horn was also fun.
This is Black Out. We rode it 2 times. It was my favorite ride there.

Zipper was probably my least favorite. Basically you are locked in a cage and you flip and tumbled.
The amusement park was fun, even if the rides creaked and moaned. -Marissa

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