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Random Pics of Elder Madsen

This was Zach's first Christmas in the mission field. Our Primary children from the Oakville Ward in Ontario, Canada, sent him this tree.
This is the most recent photo Elder Madsen has emailed me. I keep asking him for a pic of him and his new companion so I'm hoping he'll send one to me soon.
Still on his crutches (obviously), but as you can see Elder Madsen has been able to do some fun things while on his mission.

January 27, 2014

Here is an excerpt from Zach's weekly email. Please keep Elder Roper in your prayers. He has some serious on-going health issues that I don't feel at liberty to write about. Just know he needs extra prayers at this time.

We've done a ton a service this week. We're now registered with Habitat for Humanity and doing quite a bit of work with them. That's really cool, as we're doing lots of fun stuff, but there are always other volunteers and the project leader to talk to and we've had some really good conversations with them. We're going back tomorrow and we're actually building a house! We're pretty pumped. Still lots of calls and we've been pretty busy that way. So that's good. We weren't able to meet up with Maureen because she got the flu, but we're still in contact with her, so we're really hoping that we can this week, but as of right now we're already almost completely booked for the week. Another cool thing that happe…

Amusement Park

On Friday my friends and I went to an amusement park. Although I was unsure if it was safe, it was fun and, thankfully no one died. There were a couple of rides and an area for kids. There was bounce houses and a climbing wall. We got there around 2:30 and we were told it opened at 3:00 so we went in and explored. The rides didn't start until around 3:30. We went on the ride Black-Out first. We were the first ones to ride it and the people there were laughing at us. On most of the rides it was just me and my friends. The second time we rode Black-Out there were people riding with us and on Matter Horn as well. This is the entrance of the amusement park. This is the rollercoaster. We didn't ride this. Spin-Out was fun. Matter Horn was also fun. This is Black Out. We rode it 2 times. It was my favorite ride there.
Zipper was probably my least favorite. Basically you are locked in a cage and you flip and tumbled. The amusement park was fun, even if the rides creaked and mo…

Living, Dining and Kitchen

There is a fireplace between the dining area and the living room.
Dining table where we always eat. The gray door leads into the kitchen.
Living room

Our very gray kitchen (this makes it look much brighter and larger than it actually is).
Our kitchen table. The window gives a view of a corner of our backyard.

Our Backyard

Here is our corner hot-tub-size pool. I call it a pond.

This is the view from our living room.

Our Lima House

This is what our house looks like from the street. It's not much to look at! I do like how we only have a neighbor on one side of us and an empty lot on the other side.
This is the door that leads to our front yard. There is a bell you can ring, but the call box is disconnected so we just yell out and ask who's there.
This is what you see when you first open the garden door.
We have a very small yard, but at least we have a yard and the park that is just across the street.
This is our car port. My favorite part is the basketball hoop that sits under a glass cover. Marcus is standing at my bedroom window.
This is the other side of the house. It leads to the laundry room, which is outside, and the maid's quarters, which we don't use, and you can get to the kitchen this way. This is the outside of the laundry area. Looking into the laundry area through the wall slits.
This leads into the kitchen. The little window to the left of Marissa is just above the kitchen sink. I&…

My View Out My Window

When I'm looking out my bedroom window, this is my view. Overlooking our fortress wall and very high garden door, a dirt mountain in the background and a park in front of that. On this day, a party was underway so that made for interesting viewing. I took some pictures as the party was being set up because it was rather fascinating to watch these guys use ladders as stilts as they hung up the walls of the tent.
This party was a little girls fantasy come true. All pink and there are little make-up stations set up at the back with mirrors and tables.

Jauary 20, 2014

This is an excerpt from Zach's latest email. Please email or write to him so that he knows you love and support his efforts as a missionary.

This week was really good for us. We've had a ton of calls for service, and we've been able to help almost all of them. It's been good. Though we had a terrible experience  trying to move a bunch of stuff for this guy down the narrowest hallways I've ever been in, and then the worse little door I've ever seen, and yeah. Basically, the couch got stuck at the bottom of the stairs and we couldn't get it out, and I was stuck in the basement with the mom and one of her kids, and the 3 other missionaries were stuck on the other side of the couch with the husband. And it was stuck for a good little while. Then we got everyone out of the way, and shoved it back up the hallway. And back where we got it from. No way that sucker was moving. But then the guy was like, well, let's try this! and this! and this! and everything was…


Imagine if the world was full of people giving validation.


Elder Madsen and Elder Heath
Elder "T" and Elder Madsen
Elder Anderson and Elder Madsen Elder Madsen and Elder Halford
Elder Madsen and Elder King (I think!) in front of the Alberta temple Elder Madsen and Elder Olsen

January 13, 2014

Elder Madsen and his companion made up fliers and went around and asked store owners if they could put the fliers up in their shops. These fliers announce that there are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who would love to give service.  Elder Madsen is in High River, which was hit the hardest from the floodings of last summer.

They've had some calls from people who saw the fliers and a lot of people have seen them going around in their yellow vests, giving service. They shovel snow a lot.

Zach had an opportunity this week to use his Spanish. There was a sister who they had been asked to get her contact information, so when one of the elders recognized her, Zach was sent to explain who they were and what they were doing and ask for her phone number to pass it along to the Spanish missionaries. Zach said he hadn't spoken that much Spanish in "forever" so he felt good to be able to do that.

While spending  half a day working with Bishop H…

January 6, 2014

Dear Mom,
Well. I'm just going to dive right in. My new companion is Elder Tyler Roper from West Jordan. He's been out a total of 5 months, but he went home for a year after his first 3 1/2 months, and has just come back out. He's super excited to be back, super solid, great testimony, powerful spirit, and best of all, a huge desire to work, and not only work, but to work hard. I love it. We've already had some great times together.

There are now 4 missionaries here in High River, and in many regards it feels a lot like a 4 leg companionship. Meaning that there is 4 of us together haha. But we all get along great, and the other missionaries, Stewart and Anderson are both really cool guys. Anderson is brand new, and so we make fun of him all the time, but in a loving way that really secretly builds him up. We've spent the last few days going around town talking to all the store owners trying to get service fliers put up and we've spent a lot of time just shovel…

Happy 2014

Happy New Years!!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years.  As it is a new year I thought we would list our top 10 of 2013.

10.Darcie got her driver's license  
9. Darcie's High School Graduation
8. Moving to Lima, Peru
7. Family vacation at Bryce and Zion Canyons
6. Camie celebrated her 40th birthday by Paragliding
5. Disney World
4. Seeing the Blue Man Group
3. Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
2.Spending our Florida vacation with Grandma Madsen
1.Talking to Elder Madsen on Mother's Day and Christmas