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December 31, 2013

Elder Madsen's last weekly email of 2013:

Hey Mom!

It's funny. I really don't know what exactly to write this week. I always have that problem after the calls home. But I can't complain. That call was exactly what I needed. It was great. It was awesome to see you guys and just to talk to all of you and make fun of Darcie, and tease Marissa, and to know Marcus is just as goofy now as when I left. Though, I still can't quite believe he's eating all these new foods. I mean, toast? Seriously? I'm still in shock.
It was great though. Honestly. It was the best part of my week. And the best part of Christmas. I miss you guys. Only 1 more call though. Crazy, eh?
The rest of my day and week was highly uneventful. Nothing happened. Until Sunday. When Elder Owen and I got in a fight. And that was stressful. But we worked it out. Which really means, he's gone and I'm staying. So. We're good. I think we'll be able to part ways as friends. So, I guess t…