A Typical Homeschool Day

(Marissa watching an online class)

You may be wondering what a typical homeschool day looks like at our house. Well, it varies! That's the beauty of homeschool. And, we are a flexible family so we love that variance. However, we do have to follow a morning schedule as the girls are both in Seminary (a scripture class for the youth of our church) and Darcie decided to dual-enroll, meaning she takes a few classes at the local high school, and continues with her online classes through Liahona Academy.

Our mornings this fall look like this:
5:30am Yikes! That's how early Darcie and I get up to get her to early morning Seminary at 6:30.
6:15am I drive Darcie to Seminary in the dark morning and I'm amazed by all the joggers out!
7:00am Marissa wakes up and gets ready for her 1st period Seminary class at the junior high.
7:35am I drive Marissa to Seminary.
8:30am I pick up Marissa from Seminary.
11:30am I pick Darcie up from the high school.

Here is our routine within that schedule:

Marcus wakes up between 7 and 9am. We eat breakfast with Marissa once she's back from Seminary. Then we tidy up the kitchen and Marissa goes off to either her bedroom or the den to watch her first online class, which they offer live this year. While she's doing that, Marcus gets out his Math-U-See and goes through 2 lessons. At least that is how he starts his school days off on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. After that, we move onto other subjects such as language arts, science, reading units, etc. We have at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time before I pick up Darcie. Once Darcie's home, we all have lunch together and then the girls go back to their online classes and Marcus and I finish up our formal school day together. I also use afternoon time to get some housework accomplished.

We eat dinner together around 5:30pm, meet up for family scripture study and prayer around 8:30pm with lights out is at 9:30pm. Marcus is also starting up piano lessons next week, the girls have their weekly young women activity (teen youth group through our church) and Marcus has cub scouts once a week. Marissa has also joined a girls club with other homeschooled girls her age who meet up once a month.

Thursdays are our day at Star Academy (the homeschool group we joined). Marcus and I pick up Marissa together from Seminary and drive straight to Star. We're at Star from 9am to 1:30pm. This is all the schooling we do on Thursdays. Each child takes 3 classes and I teach a class of my own. Marcus takes a world cultures class called, "Around the World in 80 Tales" which I think is great prep for moving to Peru next spring. He also has a science class and a literature class called, "HiStory". Marissa takes art, sign language and family life skills. The class I teach is called, "The Secret Life of Math" or at least that will be what it's called for 2 more weeks. Then it switches to a dinosaur unit. I teach 9 children and I love it. We have lots of fun together. (On Thursdays and sometimes other days, Darcie rides the public bus home from school.)

Fridays are early release days at the high school and junior high so both Darcie and Marissa get home early. And there are no online classes on Fridays as Liahona is a 4-day/week school (which I love). Fridays are catch-up days for the girls and it's the day Marcus and I do all the fun things we didn't get to during the week, such as arts and crafts, science experiments, watching movies related to books we're reading, etc.
                                                         (One of Darcie's assignments)

And, that, more or less, is what a typical day (depending on the day) at Happy Hearts looks like.

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