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A Typical Homeschool Day

(Marissa watching an online class)
You may be wondering what a typical homeschool day looks like at our house. Well, it varies! That's the beauty of homeschool. And, we are a flexible family so we love that variance. However, we do have to follow a morning schedule as the girls are both in Seminary (a scripture class for the youth of our church) and Darcie decided to dual-enroll, meaning she takes a few classes at the local high school, and continues with her online classes through Liahona Academy.

Our mornings this fall look like this:
5:30am Yikes! That's how early Darcie and I get up to get her to early morning Seminary at 6:30.
6:15am I drive Darcie to Seminary in the dark morning and I'm amazed by all the joggers out!
7:00am Marissa wakes up and gets ready for her 1st period Seminary class at the junior high.
7:35am I drive Marissa to Seminary.
8:30am I pick up Marissa from Seminary.
11:30am I pick Darcie up from the high school.

Here is our routine within that sche…

Star Academy- Part 2

This will be short and sweet, but in case you've been wondering how we are liking Star Academy, we've found them to be a nice group of families comprised of kids of all ages and mostly moms, but one or two dads also. Their main purpose is to give the teens a social experience with opportunities for leadership and friendship. I have only been involved in the younger classes as I teach one the 2nd hour and assist in 2 others, but Marissa is enjoying her classes, especially art, and I've seen Marcus chatting with other boys his age at lunch and in his last class (I assist in that class so I am there to observe him).

Our first day felt a bit awkward, but by the next week we started to feel right at home. The mom who assists in my class is very friendly and I think we will become good friends.

A couple of the moms have told me their children really enjoy my class. That is always good to hear, and I'm glad I have a small group as it helps with the prep time and keeping every…