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Star Academy- Part 1

We have joined a homeschool group here in Cache Valley called Star Academy. We've never participated in a homeschool group before and we're hoping to find support and make new friends. We attended the opening social, which was a bit awkward as we are brand new and many of the families already know each other. We felt a bit shy, but we are excited for the first day. Star Academy starts up after Labor Day.

I will be teaching one class for elementary age children called, "The Secret Life of Math", based on the book
by Ann McCallum, which was loaned to me by one of the co-founders and directors of Star.  I'm only teaching it as a 6 week course and then I am teaching a dinosaur unit for the following 6 weeks. The two subjects don't really go together, but I already have several dinosaur books and other materials and one of the other books loaned to me was a Ranger Rick's Nature Scope science book entitled, Digging into Dinosaurs.

At the opening social I recieve…